Saturday, January 01, 2000

How to Get to Platform / Important Warnings

Visa Information
Please check your Nationality’s visa requirements before traveling to Turkey. Most Nationalities can purchase a visa on entry at the airport in euros, dollars or sterling only (please note that TURKISH LIRA are not accepted). Most visas cost in the region of 10 euros or 15 US, but please confirm your personal status before you arrive. At arrivals the visa counter can be found on your left just before passport control, with a full list of current visa costs. Please purchase a visa before going to passport control, otherwise you may find yourself being sent back and having to re-queue at passport control.

The Hotel we work with is Büyük Londra Hotel:
Buyuk Londra Hoteli ( Grand Hotel de Londres)
Address: Mesrutiyet Caddesi. No: 117 80050 Beyoglu
Tel: (90) 212 2931619 / (90) 212 2931620 / (90) 212 2491025 Fax: (90) 212 2450671
e-mail :

How to come here
You can either take a taxi or bus from the airport.

If you take a taxi to Taksim you should not pay more than 35 Turkish Lira (around 16 Euros) unless you travel after midnight. After midnight no more than 50 Turkish Lira . You must ask for a receipt.
Always write down the plate numbers of the Taxis you use

The HAVAS BUS is cheaper ( 10 Turkish Liras, around 5 Euros). This is the official bus that departs just outside the arrival terminal every 30 mins.

You have to take the one going to Taksim.

Ask the driver to be dropped off at Pera Palas!
Grand Hotel de Londres is on the same street with the Pera Palas. You will exit the bus on the back side of the hotel. Walk up the steps. Turn left and walk up the street to number 117 [Buyuk Londra Hotel].

How to come Platform Garanti Temporary Offices
Istiklal Cad. No: 115A, Beyoglu, Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 293 23 61

Temporary Offices are on the Main Street between Galatasaray Crossing and Taksim.


Do not take use parked taxis in the Old City area and never use them around Hagia Sophia or the Topkapi Palace. They are crooks and will charge you 300% extra.
Always write down the plate numbers of the Taxis you use

Especially at night!
All our guests should be aware that there is a certain kind of scam being run in Istanbul. On arrival it has happened that foreigners are approached by pleasant Turkish men who seem to innocently invite them along to a nightclub/bar/cafe to experience the local culture. This appears to be Turkish hospitality but sadly on many occasions tourists find themselves in a nightclub with women available and regardless of what or even if you take a drink the bill will be huge ($500+). This is apparently not actually illegal and therefore it is very hard to resolve the situation once it has occurred. So do not to accept invitations to clubs/cafes or bars especially from people hanging around close to hotels etc. Istanbul is a safe city, but it always pays to be diligent.

Please watch out for your cameras, cell phones, and wallets. Secure them deep in your bag, distribute your valuables or leave them at the concierge of the hotel. Please do not put anything in front pocket of your bag, and back pocket of your outfits. Pickpockets are everywhere.

Muggings have taken place as well. Act like you are in a big city.