Sunday, December 10, 2000

Andrea Phillips

Andrea Phillips is Reader in Fine Art, Department of Art, and Director, Curating Architecture, Goldsmiths University.

Current research project is a series of seminars and workshops on Curating Architecture (AHRC funded, 2006-2008) which explore the connections between practices of curating - gathering,
displaying, distributing, caring for cultural product in its broadest definition - and the practices of architecture (thinking about, constructing, distributing the built environment). Curating Architecture starts from the premise that the routines of artists and architects may
share many conceptual and theoretical concerns, particularly in debates around the politics of space, but there are contradictions and hiatuses in the political claims of each that are reinforced through their often paradoxical display in the public sphere. Forthcoming research leading from this project will focus on ‘transnational aesthetics’, that is, the way in which objects and images are reformulated through their appearance in and through globalised conceptions of the public sphere.