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Platform Garanti CAC is...

Located in the most vibrant area of Istanbul, Platform acts as a dynamic catalyst for the dissemination, research and practice of contemporary art in the city, and also provides a meeting point for exchange between contemporary artists, curators and critics. In addition, the center has become a cultural portal for the region; through our residency programme and other initiatives we work with countries where the structure for a contemporary art scene is forming, but where there are few arts institutions or funding structures to provide further support at this time.

Platform contains an archive of work by more than 140 artists from Turkey, the most comprehensive library of art publications in the city, the Istanbul Residency Program, and an exhibition space committed to exhibiting contemporary art from Turkey and abroad. Since the centre's inauguration in late 2001 over 600,000 visitors have passed through our doors and we have organised 43 exhibitions, over 120 lectures, 4 major international conferences, and co-published 3 internationally distributed publications.

Our residency programme is currently supported by Dutch, Flemish, Swedish, Basque, Norwegian, Swiss, Greek, French, and Finnish national and regional funding bodies. With the support of a special three-year grant donated by the American Center Foundation, we were able to invite three artists from South East Europe, the South East Mediterranean and West Asia between 2004-2006. A grant from the Open Society Institute now offers artists from the Caucasus region the opportunity to spend two months in Istanbul. Also, through the Backyard Residency programme, a project under the SEE Mobility Project (Artists' Residences in South East Europe), supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers we invited four artists from the countries of South East Europe between September 2006 and June 2007.

In December 2003, Platform was selected as one of the ten most interesting not-for-profit institutions to participate in Institution2, curated by Jens Hoffmann for KIASMA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, and in 2004 Platform was awarded the 50th Year Grant by the European Cultural Foundation for its contribution to local and regional culture. In 2004 and 2005 Platform acted as the key base for the development of the 9th International Istanbul Biennial and hosted six artists on its residency programme who went on to participate in the Biennial exhibition. In October 2006 Platform participated as one of two invited not-for-profit organizations with 'collecting point' in Frieze Projects at the Frieze Art Fair. Platform is one of the 15 international partners for the Seventh International Biennial exhibition of SITE Santa Fe, NM scheduled to run from June 22 through October 26, 2008.

The institution will enter a new relationship with its constituencies in late 2008 after expansion and renovation is completed. Platform will operate from temporary spaces from October 2007 on, and phase out its local activities during this time.

Talks . Conversations. Conferences


DK03. Distributed Identity, Orton Akıncı, Tunç Topçuoğlu, Serkan Zihli,
Bassim Magdy
DK02. Hybrid Public Space: Can Altay, Akın İdil / Valensas, Mücteba Kılıc
DK01. Distributed Work: Karen Verschooren, Emel Kurma, Hasan Yalçınkaya
Nilbar Güreş: "Artist Beyond"

Nikos Papastergiadis: “Aesthetics and Politics in the Age of Spectacle”
Chin Tao Wu: “Privatising Culture and After: reflections of a roaming art historian”
11th Istanbul Biennial Talks: “Cultural Agencies Panel”: Nikolaus Hirsch, Philipp Misselwitz, Oda Projesi, Shahab Fotouhi. Moderator: Nina Möntmann.

"Transdisciplines" Lecture series-6: Hans Ulrich Obrist, Museum as Kraftwerk: From Cedric Price to the Serpentine Pavilion", Garaj Istanbul
Artist Talk: Jeremiah Day, "Contact Improvisation/ New Animation"
Artist Talk: Christopher Keller, "The Bosphorus of my mind"
On Support Lecture Series-5: “Support Structures”, Celine Condorelli, James Langdon
On Support Lecture Series-4: “How to care?”, Jan Verwoert
On Support Lecture Series-3: ”Building Democracy”, Andrea Phillips
Artist Talk: Larissa Sansour
Artist Talk: Jacopo Miliani
Paylaşmalar Serisi: Gülsün Karamustafa, Cevdet Erek, Adnan Yıldız, Can Altay, Ahmet Öğüt, Pilvi Takala
"Red Thread" Talks and Conversations – 3: "Continental Drift: The Politics of Perception"
Brian Holmes and Claire Pentecost
"Transdisciplines" Lecture series-12: Trevor Paglen, ""Blank Spots on the Map: State Secrecy and the Limits of the Visible", Istanbul Technical University
"Transdisciplines" Lecture series-11: Ciro Najle, "The Tectonic Machine", Istanbul Technical University (7.5.2009)
"Transdisciplines" Lecture series-10: Gijs van Oenen, "Architecture, Security and Interpassivity", Istanbul Technical University (2.4.2009)
"Transdisciplines" Lecture series-9: Peter Cook, "Robots in the Woods", Garaj Istanbul (7.3.2009)
"Transdisciplines" Lecture series-8: Nikolaus Hirsch, "Building Knowledge", Garaj Istanbul (28.2.2009)
"Transdisciplines" Lecture series-7: Charles Waldheim, "Planning, Ecology, and the Emergence of Landscape", Garaj Istanbul (7.2.2009)


On support lecture series-2: “Architecture and imagination”, Wouter Davidts
On support lecture series-1: “What is Support”, Celine Condorelli
Workshop by Jacopo Miliani, "Do you believe in Magic?"
Book Launch, Els Vanden Meersch: "Exchange Icons"
Book Launch, "SİT Manresa, Territorial Interpretation Service"
“Transdisciplines” Lecture series-5: George Legrady, Aesthetic & Cultural Perspectives Through Data Visualization, Yıldız technical University
"The other September or it's the end of the neoliberal world as we know it, and i feel fine!", a conversation with Natasa Petresin-Bachelez, Mai Abu ElDahab and Tirdad Zolghadr, moderated by Vasif Kortun
Manifesta Talk:"OIL, WELFARE and FAIR OIL", Discussion, Attachments & Presentation of the content of Muhtelif 4
Book Launch: Laurence Bonvin, "On the Edges of Paradise"
Laboratorio Curatorial 060, "Some issue on Public Art"
“Politics of Visibility/Poetic of the Political...”, Helena Chávez Mac Gregor
Artist Talk: Sebastia P. Baden, "When watching television, one never dies"
“Architecture without Architecture”, a conversation with Kim Förster and Pelin Tan
“Transdisciplines” Lecture series-5:George Legrady, YTU Faculty of Architecture
“Transdisciplines” Lecture series-4:Fiona Raby, ITU Faculty of Architecture
"Transdisciplines" Lecture series-3: Peter Taylor
“Transdisciplines” Lecture series-2: Marcos Novak, ITU Faculty of Architecture
“Transdisciplines” Lecture series-1: Marie Ange Brayer, ITU Faculty of Architecture
"Nurope Istanbul", two days conference


Video screening and Talk: Felice Hapetzeder
Artist Talk: Munir Al Azawi
Panel: "Evinde misafır"
Artist Talk: Jalal Toufic, "The Withdrawal of Tradition Past surprising Disaster"
Artist Talk: Aneta Szylak
Artist Talk: Katerina Zdjelar, "Working Progress. Open call for a closed meeting"

Bert Theis
Mark Aerial Waller / Publishing workshop
Wendy MK Shaw
Vasıf Kortun
Momoyo Kajima [Atelier Bow Wow]
Evrim Altuğ
Açık Masa'da Esra Okyay
Open table with the artist group Hafriyat
Vahram Aghasyan
Open table with the artist Ramazan Bayrakoglu
Banu Cennetoğlu, Phillipine Hoegen and Emre Hüner
Alenka Gregoric
Open table with the artist Canan Şenol
Open table with the artist Leyla Gediz
Chantal Mouffe
Maarten Hajer

Lapdogs of the Bourgeoisie Public Event with an introductory talk by curators Nav Haq and Tirdad Zolghadr; “Istanbul: a Case Study” by Erden Kosova;
“Solo Show” a performance by Natascha Sadr Haghighian
“The Life and Times of Johann Joachim Winckelmann” an art historical foray by Frederic Jacquemin.


Mika Hannula
xurban_collective conversation
Ian White and Mark Aerial Waller
Matthew Schum

Questioning Alternative Practices
organized by Pelin Tan & Anton Vidokle
Maria Lind
Haris Pelapaisiotis
Martha Rosler

Tirdad Zolgadhr
Kay Pallister
Gulsun Karamustafa

The exhibitions of Halil Altindere

Kim O: A Meeting on Gentrification organized by Oda Projesi

Archiving Disappearance organized by Krist Gruijthuijsen
Alexander Koch
Bob Nickas,
Anders Kreuger,
Bik van der Pol,
Seth Siegelaub,
Krist Gruijthuijsen
Raimundas Malasauskas

Anton Vidokle
Jennifer Allora

Klaas van Gorkum
Nick Hackworth
Mark Leckey
Nermin Saybasili
Vasif Kortun & Erden Kosova & Aydan Murtezaoglu
Will Bradley
Lala Rascic
Minna Henriksson
Hatice Guleryuz
Dirk van Lieshout
Jalal Toufic
Luchezar Boyadjiev
Natasa Petresin
Irit Rogoff
Oliver Ressler
Johnny Golding
Maura Reilly
Gülçin Aksoy
Ahmet Ogüt-Borga Kantürk
Phillippe Pirotte

Gilane Tawadros
Sparwasser conference
Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt
Ingrid Blanco
Galit Eilat
Fabienne Audeoud
Yvonne Droge Wendel
Mustafa Kaplan & Naz Erayda & Nadi Guler
Marc Bijl
Dan Shipsides
Joanne Tatham
Tom O’Sullivan
David Osbaldeston
Dave Allen
Lennart Alves
Asier Perez
Hyunjin Kim
Donghee Koo
Alicia Framis
Nilsmagnus Skold
Gustavo Artigas
James Beckett
Begona Munoz
Laurence Lane
Karlotta Blondel
Lili Scholtes
Can Altay
Phil Collins
Solmaz Shahbazi
Tom Fecht
Pelin Tan
Jon Mikel Euba
Johan Thurjfell
Yael Davis
Gardar Eide Einarsson
Branko Dimiktrijevic & Mai Abu ElDahab

The Next Documenta Should Be Curated By An Artist
Daniel Buren
Alex Farquharson
Jens Hoffman
Christoph Keller
Vasif Kortun
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Serkan Ozkaya
Martha Rosler
Natascha Sadr Haghighian
Tino Seghal
Dorothea von Hantelmann
Anton Vidokle

Salla Tykka
Charles Esche
Vicente Todoli
Florian Zeyfang
Gulsun Karamustafa
Hito Steyerl
Maria Hlavajova
Iain Borden
Robert Fleck
John Peter Nilsson
Roddy Buchanan

Rene Block
Natasa Ilic
Vasif Kortun
Syzana Milevska
Jack Persekian
Shkelzen Maliqi
Luchezar Boyadjiev
Eleni Laperi Koci
Migjen Kelmendi
Lejla Hodzic
Christine Tohme
Mai Abu ElDahab
Katerina Gregos
Boris Buden

Urban Flashes workshop with eighty participants -

Mika Hannula
Lotte Konow Lund
Istatistiklal workshop
Serkan Ozkaya
Andres Krueger
Knut Asdam

Hou Hanru
Maria Lind
Carlos Basualdo
Phillipe Vergne
Hale Tenger

Kahve Society
Markman Ellis
Zeynep Celik
Meltem Ahiska
Kevin Robins
Erden Kosova
Ann Huber-Sigwart
Huseyin Alptekin
Vasif Kortun

Exhibitions * 2001-2007


Subtracting of Zeroes, Mladen Stilinović

The Photographers: Laurence Bonvin and Juul Hondius

Open Library *

Lapdogs of the Bourgeoisie: Class Hegemony in Contemporary Art *, Annika Eriksson, Chris Evans, Dirk Fleischmann, Liam Gillick, Marion Von Osten, Natascha Sadr Haghighian, San Keller


The Wayward Canon * A forum for screening and collaboration founded by artist Mark Aerial Waller

Mark Raidpere *

We all Laughed at Christopher Columbus * Roderick Buchanan, Jeremiah Day, Omer Fast, Runo Lagomarsino, Deimantas Narkevicius, Amalia Pica, Florian Wüst

Of the one and the many * Adrian Paci, Maja Bajevic Eva Koch, Serkan Ozkaya, Leyla Gediz

Performance for a poem * son:DA//Erinc Seymen

VOID: A View from Acropolis * x_urban collective

Songs of Freedom and Love, Contemporary Art from the North of the North * Panos Balomenos, Anna Tuori, Minna L. Henriksson, Kati Immonen, Mauri Kuitula, Aurora Reinhard, Joonas Kota, Henri Tani, Pilvi Takala, Tuomas Laitinen, (The Sepherds together with Aku Raski

Sex and Sadness
: screening programme curated by Jan Schuijren

While we were sleeping
* Melvin Moti, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Walid Raad


Borga Kanturk, Ahmet Ögüt
Back room: Absalon

Breadzone * Zeren Göktan

That from a long way off look like flies * Allora and Calzadilla, Daniel Bozhkov, Asli Cavusoglu, Calin Dan, Elmas Deniz, Lala Rascic, Nedko Solakov, Yael Bartana

Normalization * Can Altay, Yael Bartana, Mark Leckey, Aydan Murtezaoglu, Phil Collins, Roman Ondak, Solmaz Shahbazi, Wael Shawky, Jalal Toufic

An Ideal Society Creates Itself * Oliver Ressler
Art for 2… * Can Altay, Haluk Akakce, Yetkin Basarir, Cevdet Erek, Leyla Gediz, Hatice Guleryuz, Gulsun Karamustafa


Art for… * Gulsun Karamustafa, Osman Bozkurt, Cevdet Erek, Esra Ersen, Halil Altindere, Hatice Guleryuz, Koken Ergun, Neriman Polat, Sener Ozmen, Erkan Ozgen, Yetkin Basarir, Leyla Gediz, Secil Yersel, Aydan Murtezaoglu, Bulent Sangar, Yael Bartana, Phil Collins, Solmaz Shahbazi, Can Altay

End on Mouth
* Yael Davids

Istanbulda * Tracey Emin

Hit & Run * Dave Allen, Gustavo Arigas, Fabienne Audeoud, Mark Bain, Marc Bijl, James Beckett, Naz Erayda, Nadi Guler, Mustafa Kaplan, Alicia Framis, Funky Projects, Begona Munoz, Dan Shipsides, Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan, Debora Warner, Yvonne Droge Wendel Tracey

Undercurrent * Mekhitar Garabedian, Koen De Decker, Anouk De Clercq, Tina Gillen, Geert Goiris

Sparwasser HQ at Platform

lastwinterspringnevercame * Basir Borlakov, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, (after) Felix GonzalezTorres, Jim Lambie, Pipilotti Rist, Erwin Wurm

Packaged Paradise * Shahzia Sikander,
What Remains * Omer Ali Kazma
Making Space * Can Altay, Alex Morisson, PAC, Oliver Payne, Robin Rhode
Zenith: Jens Ullrich, Alex Jasch, Andreas Bunte, Florian Baudrexel

Shadows and Ghosts * Huseyin Alptekin, Esra Ersen, Kutlu Gurelli, Sukriye Sari, Mithat Sen, Hale Tenger, Muruvet Turkyilmaz, Isin Onol, Ebru Ozsecen

20 Minus Minutes * Libia Perez de Siles de Castro, Olafur Arni Olafsson

Here * Esra Ersen, Gulsun Karamustafa, Huseyin Alptekin

Coming Up * Tobias Bernstrup, Chicks on Speed, Fischerspooner, The Icelandic Love Corporation, Kyupi Kyupi, Mark Leckey and donAtella


Time and Space IV * Ahmet Elhan

Speculations * Ayse Erkmen, Erzen Shkololli, Vahit Tuna

Burt Barr

The Gift of Gab * Gabriel Lester

Beyond Adorment
* Asa Skogberg, Ida Forss, Auli Latinen, Albin Karlsson, Robert Mood, Charlotte Ho Soo Sinding, Henrik Brandt, Sissi Westerberg, Martina Frejds, Pia Aleborg, Charlotte Sinding

Nothing * Haluk Akakce

Blue Sky * Sitki Kosemen


Blick * New Films and Videos from Northern Countries

snow noise * Carsten Nicolai

How to Get to Platform / Important Warnings

Visa Information
Please check your Nationality’s visa requirements before traveling to Turkey. Most Nationalities can purchase a visa on entry at the airport in euros, dollars or sterling only (please note that TURKISH LIRA are not accepted). Most visas cost in the region of 10 euros or 15 US, but please confirm your personal status before you arrive. At arrivals the visa counter can be found on your left just before passport control, with a full list of current visa costs. Please purchase a visa before going to passport control, otherwise you may find yourself being sent back and having to re-queue at passport control.

The Hotel we work with is Büyük Londra Hotel:
Buyuk Londra Hoteli ( Grand Hotel de Londres)
Address: Mesrutiyet Caddesi. No: 117 80050 Beyoglu
Tel: (90) 212 2931619 / (90) 212 2931620 / (90) 212 2491025 Fax: (90) 212 2450671
e-mail :

How to come here
You can either take a taxi or bus from the airport.

If you take a taxi to Taksim you should not pay more than 35 Turkish Lira (around 16 Euros) unless you travel after midnight. After midnight no more than 50 Turkish Lira . You must ask for a receipt.
Always write down the plate numbers of the Taxis you use

The HAVAS BUS is cheaper ( 10 Turkish Liras, around 5 Euros). This is the official bus that departs just outside the arrival terminal every 30 mins.

You have to take the one going to Taksim.

Ask the driver to be dropped off at Pera Palas!
Grand Hotel de Londres is on the same street with the Pera Palas. You will exit the bus on the back side of the hotel. Walk up the steps. Turn left and walk up the street to number 117 [Buyuk Londra Hotel].

How to come Platform Garanti Temporary Offices
Istiklal Cad. No: 115A, Beyoglu, Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 293 23 61

Temporary Offices are on the Main Street between Galatasaray Crossing and Taksim.


Do not take use parked taxis in the Old City area and never use them around Hagia Sophia or the Topkapi Palace. They are crooks and will charge you 300% extra.
Always write down the plate numbers of the Taxis you use

Especially at night!
All our guests should be aware that there is a certain kind of scam being run in Istanbul. On arrival it has happened that foreigners are approached by pleasant Turkish men who seem to innocently invite them along to a nightclub/bar/cafe to experience the local culture. This appears to be Turkish hospitality but sadly on many occasions tourists find themselves in a nightclub with women available and regardless of what or even if you take a drink the bill will be huge ($500+). This is apparently not actually illegal and therefore it is very hard to resolve the situation once it has occurred. So do not to accept invitations to clubs/cafes or bars especially from people hanging around close to hotels etc. Istanbul is a safe city, but it always pays to be diligent.

Please watch out for your cameras, cell phones, and wallets. Secure them deep in your bag, distribute your valuables or leave them at the concierge of the hotel. Please do not put anything in front pocket of your bag, and back pocket of your outfits. Pickpockets are everywhere.

Muggings have taken place as well. Act like you are in a big city.