Friday, September 13, 2002

Burt Barr

September 13 - October 26 2002

Burt Barr’s video projections Focus I, 2000, Focus II, 2001 and Angel, 2001 all concentrate on one action or movement, causing it to appear timeless.

Projected at either end of the gallery, the figures in Focus I and Focus II slowly approach the viewer. One figure walks down a country lane, the foliage surrounding her vibrating in the breeze; the other figure strolls along a shoreline, where the tide continuously ebbs and flows. Yet, the two women remain distant and their images blurred until the final seconds of each film. They then momentarily appear close up, only to disappear from our field of vision just as swiftly.

Shown in the centre of the gallery, the third work, Angel, consists of a vertical double projection. Viewed from below, a couple dance beneath a canopy of trees, their movements echoed in the second projection’s detailed view of the wind rustling the tree’s leaves.