Monday, July 03, 2006

A Performance for a Poem, Son:Da and Erinc Seymen

We are witnessing a gravely evident transformation of everyday life by nationalism through a wide range of methodologies. These vary from direct propaganda to the subtle agitations involved in current agendas like the European Union negotiation process, debates about minorities and secularism. It is a time when critical and intellectual divergence is antidemocratically censored, punished and sabotaged through emotional and physical sanctions by the state. This creates a situation where iconic figures such as the "flag girl", ali desitero, and many others are reproduced, or re-circulated to the benefit of the nationalist discourse. On the other hand, the rhetoric of a text that dates back more than half a century can accommodate today’s zeitgeist surprisingly well.
In the context of the flow of ideology from "inside" to "outside" son:Da and Erinc Seymen presented a performance constructed around a poem written in 1939.
The performance comprises an audiovisual manipulation and an on site installation that aims to open to discussion the sphere of influence of poetry as a tool of artistic expression and a method of ideological rhetoric.
June 30, 2006
Images from the performance can be found here