Wednesday, October 18, 2006

HTMlles Program Istanbul

In Istanbul HTMlles EXPORT 2 [06] is co-produced by NOMAD and hosted by Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center and The Apartment Project. The local presenters include The Apartment Project, Selda Asal, NOMAD, Ceren Oykut, Ozlem Sulak, Hatice Guleryuz, Bengu Karaduman, Filmmor Women’s Cooperative, Ulku Songul, Melek Ozman Nancy Atakan and Tuna Erdem.

Friday (27.10.06)

Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center
18:00 Running web art programmes on computers Flatlandia, Distibutive
Justice, The Lies Project [the computer room]
19:00 Opening- Introduction by Kyd Campbell and Basak Senova [the gallery]
19:30 Screening of the documentary Le Phantome de L'Operatrice intro by artist [the gallery]

The Apartment Project
11:00 – 14:00 Oral Histories!: Part 1 Intro to Recording & Topics

Saturday (28.10.06)
Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center
11:00 web art projects-demo by Kyd Campbell [the computer room and the conference room]
12:00 a talk by Tuna Erdem [the computer room and the conference room]
13:00 BREAK
14:00 XS Labs Electronic Textiles workshop [the conference room]
16:00 Filmmor Women's Cooperative presentation and screenings by Ulku Songul and Melek Ozman [the conference room]
16:40 a presentation by Nancy Atakan [the conference room]
17:00 Bioteknica Workshop [the conference room]
19:00 NOMAD selection: screenings by Selda Asal, Ceren Oykut, Ozlem Sulak and Hatice Guleryuz and presentation by Bengu Karaduman (the conference room)

The Apartment Project
11:00 – 14:00 Oral Histories!: Part 2 Interviews

Sunday (29.10.06)
The Apartment Project
15:00 Interactive Walk Flatlandia
17:00 Oral Histories!: Part 3 Presentation - Recorded and/or live broadcasted on radio
Tea Party

NOMAD is an Istanbul-based association that targets to produce and experiment new patterns in the digital art sphere by using various lenses of other disciplines. NOMAD's production network aims to build strong connections across territorial borders through digital culture oriented projects. The main goal of these projects is to establish a productive communication channel that enables access to new resources of information. Since 2002, NOMAD has developed numerous local and international projects including festivals, exhibitions, performances, multimedia events, experimental film screenings, lectures, panels and publications.

The Apartment Project is a 25 square meter, ground level exhibition space, initiated as the first artist-run-space in Istanbul, 1999. The programme of the space is based on interdisciplinary collaborations and has hosted a variety of performances, installations, exhibitions, happenings and events incorporating with local and international institutions, artists and other participants. Most of the projects aim to establish a direct communication with the passer-bys through the three oversize windows facing the street.