Monday, March 19, 2007

April 5, 18:30, Dirk Herzog Screenings

Pelmeni or Bliny (2005), DVD, 22 min.,
commissioned by 7th Sharjah Biennial

The first biennial for contemporary art took place in Venice in 1895. Over the past decade there has been a proper boom of such intercontinental art events on a global scale. Havana, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, Dakar, Istanbul, Gwangju, Yokohama or Seoul, nowadays biennials are to be found worldwide. It seems to be good form to put local contexts in the service of a globalized modernity.
Some people describe biennials as stimulants for neoliberal economies, as the globalization of globalization. Others try to look at them as competitive artistic events, just like the olympic games, and mourn about the loss of artistic subtlety. But all participants seem to profit. The gain of image is enormous, for the organizers as well as for the participants. On January the 28th 2005, Moscow claims one of the sought after places on the map of the International Art Inc. and opens its first biennial of contemporary art. Pelmeni or Bliny is documenting this event, asks for the ingredients of such a spectacle and examines the scale of decisions in such a win-win situation.

Multidudes, 2007
Multidudes is a portrait of an art project, its organizers, and its surroundings. this video was shot during and shortly after the inaugural weekend of unitednationsplaza in the end of october 2006 in Berlin. With Boris Groys, Anton Vidokle, Martha Rossler, Liam Gillick, Tirdad Zolghadr, Diedrich Diedrichsen, Anselm Franke, Vasif Kortun, Maria Lind.
" a couple of days ago before finishing the video portrait of unitednationsplaza i read the correction site of a german newspaper called taz, in which they regularly pick out one type-error and correct it. this day they corrected the word "multidude". they used it the day before in an article about negri and hardt. they where explaining that it is not supposed to be "multidude" but "multitude". they described the word "multitude" as being one of the most popular words in left discourse nowadays, defining a network of singularities doing immaterial work, a collective in which differences are not evened, nor played off against each other. concerning this, they admited maybe to have thought of cronyism too much or watched too often The Big Lebowski, thinking about the dude and dude-ism, which lead to write "multidude" instead of "multitude".
as i found this a quite fitting title for the video i sent it to anton vidokle for the press release of the madrid trial at arco 07 where the video was premiered. a couple of days later i got the press release for arco via e-flux. the title of "multidudes" was changed back into "multitudes" again...."

Dirk Herzog is an artist based in Berlin, Germany.