Sunday, March 04, 2007

Frame Builders [a book from IAS, Seoul/Korea]

Platform Garanti is featured in the document book of Frame Builders, a project made in May 2006 in conjunction with the relocation and renovation of the IAS [INSA ART SPACE]. This project was developed to pursue two agendas: a type of local public art institutions in demand and the factors to be considered in making a right directional choice; its communicative process in which a conceptual framework of institutional identity is visualized and disseminated to the public. As a project consisting of workshop and exhibition, “Frame Builders” provided a platform not only for IAS to re-investigate their own ideas and strategies to foster a stronger identity, but for local art public to examine current institutional critique.


- The Project “Frame Builders” and Re-framing the Project Past

- Framing a New Mind and a New Public _ Heejin Kim

Part 1. Textual Matrix: Workshop, Lectures & Artists’ Talks

DAAD Buro Berlin, daadgalerie (Berlin, Germany) _ Friedrich Meschede

Contemporary Art Center (Vilnius, Lithuania) _ Kestutis Kuizinas

Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center (Istanbul, Turkey) _ November Paynter

Eyebeam (New York, USA) _ Perry Lowe

Part 2. Visual Identity: Exhibition

Vuk Cosic, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Skart, Belgrade, Serbia

Sulki & Min, Seoul, South Korea

M/M(Paris), Paris, France

Choi Jeong-Hwa, Seoul, South Korea