Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bik Van der Pol: books, magazines and systems of distribution

Bik Van der Pol presents printed-matter-projects they are involved in: the Traveling Magazine Table, a project initiated by Nomads & Residents; Past Imperfect Issue 3 and 4, book projects of Bik Van der Pol in collaboration with Casco in Utrecht; Insa Art Space in Seoul; and Fly Me To The Moon, a project consisting of an exhibition, a tour, a publication and a billboard poster placed in the so-called 'mupi's' throughout Amsterdam.

At the end of the evening Banu Cennetoglu will present The List, a recent public space project she realized in Amsterdam. The List, a document that contains the names of 7182 refugees who died within or on the borders of Europe, was displayed as a poster campaign in 110 mupi’s - outdoor advertising sign - throughout the city of Amsterdam for the duration of two weeks, March 14 - March 28, 2007.