Monday, June 11, 2007

A Discussion with Bert Theis

June 26, 18:30

Bert Theis was born in Luxembourg and currently lives and works in Milan, Italy. As an artist, his work has been shown internationally in art galleries, fairs, public parks, town squares, and even in crowded subways. Theis challenges the typical artist-viewer relationship by creating works in which the viewer's personal utilization of the artwork takes precedence over the conceptual structure of the piece itself.

Having now taken on a more organizational role through his work with the Isola Art and Community Center and OUT: the Office for Urban Transformation, Theis continues to explore contemporary art and its contribution to daily life and creative stimulation.

Bert Theis will participate with ISOLA and OUT in the 10th International Istanbul Biennial. Isola Art and Community Center is a project founded in 2002 by a group of international and national critics, curators and artists, with the objective of working with the neighborhood associations for the defense of public spaces and the creation of the Art Center.

A Walking Discussion with Bert Theis