Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Outskirts: Reflection on current artistic practices found outside the centre

Directed by Cabello/Carceller.
November 27 - 29, 2008
Centro Cultural Montehermoso
Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

A growing part of new modes of art production, presentation and distribution seem to be coming from the fringes. They approach the main discourse but they do not inhabit it. Can we consider this kind of marginalization voluntary? Or is it the result of the still uncompromising nature of a centre that is reluctant to be broken up? Perhaps the problem lies in our apparent inability to think without a reference point, without the existence of this discursive “centre point”. Proposals are increasing in number and their ability to generate creative replies is proving to be endless, but their capacity to influence majority audiences is still limited and is located tangentially to the traditional modes of legitimising artistic proposals. This means they run the risk of exhaustion. Should we eternally re-write ourselves in opposition to a centre? If the proposals stay, where are the limits?

This course gives different agents from the international art scene the possibility of analysing their stances and reflecting on whether it is pertinent to maintain fringe view-points and how this marginalization should be articulated. They will have to imagine what an ideal situation would be like or towards what end they think joint efforts should be made.

November 27th:
10:30, Presentation of the seminar (Cabello/Carceller)
11:00, Dmitry Vilensky
12:30, Leire Vergara
16:00, Daniel G. Andujar
17:30, Round table with Dmitry Vilensky, Leire Vergara and Daniel G. Andújar. Moderators: Ana Cabbello and Helena Carceller.

November 28th
11:00, Vasif Kortun
12:30, Barbara Borcic
16:00, Carlos Garaicoa
17:30, Round table with Vasif Kortun, Barbara Borcic and Carlos Garaicoa. Moderator: Beatriz Herráez.

November 29th
11:00, Eva González-Sancho
12:30, Nuria Enguita Mayo
16:00, Asier Mendizabal
17:30, Round table with Eva González-Sancho,Nuria Enguita Mayo and Asier Mendizabal. Moderators: Cabello/Carceller.

Download PDF Program here

Monday, November 24, 2008

Politiche: thinking through art

Public conference and exhibition

26cc, Casco Office for Art, Design and Theory, Center in Galerija P74, Platform Garanti, Press to Exit, SPACE, Sparwasser HQ, Tranzit.
Opening: 26 Nov 2008 at 17:00
25 Nov 2008 - 31 Dec 2008
Curated by : 26cc

Politiche – thinking through art will be a two-days meeting with eight invited European not-for-profit organizations.

The meeting wants to open a reflection space over which can be the characteristics and contents of a network of such organizations, involving various and different contexts such as Prague, Bratislava, Berlin, Istanbul, Ljubljana and Skopje.

In a state of things that currently allows and encourages cooperation and exchange between different contexts and places, we feel the need to set a landmark over what already happens, and to try to understand how these dynamics can be redesigned and refocused within a logic of shared practices among different subjects within the art world, including no-profit and independent art spaces as ours, that are mostly operating in the field of research and diffusion of arts.

The meeting will be structured in a private meeting among the participating organizations, a public conference and an exhibition, Multilogue, made up of projects realized by 26cc, Casco Office for Art, Design and Theory, Center in Galerija P74, Platform Garanti, Press to Exit, SPACE, Sparwasser HQ and Tranzit and built up over visual traces and documentations that will be accumulated in 26cc's spaces.

The topics, contributions and ideas which will come out during the meeting will be published online on - the event's community partner - and will be useful to trace an agenda of the meeting as well as to document its activities.

Public conference with presentations by:
Binna Choi – Casco Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht
Tadej Pogacar – Center in Galerija P74, Lubiana
Oyku Ozsoy – Platform Garanti, Istanbul
Yane Calovski – Press to Exit, Skopje
Ivana Madariova – SPACE, Bratislava
Lise Nellemann – Sparwasser HQ, Berlino
Vjera Borozan – Tranzit, Praga

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The 3rd Asian Art Museum Directors' Forum

The 3rd Asian Art Museum Directors' Forum
The National Art Center, Tokyo
November 20, 2008
Session 2

Akira Tatehata, Director General, the National Museum of Art, Osaka

Museums on the cusp of post-neoliberalism: A purview of West Asia and the Gulf Regions
Vasıf Kortun, Director Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center

Exchange and Collaboration with Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
Koichi Yasunaga, Advisor, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

Guangzhou Triennials and Globalization of Culture
Huangsheng Wang, Director, Guangdong Museum of Art

Enriching Collaborations in a Changing World
Caroline Turner, Senior Research Fellow,Research School of Humanities,the Australian National University

Tokyo Wonder Site Panel

Platform Garanti partnered in the residency program of Tokyo Wonder Site with the artist Deniz Gül from Turkey. Vasif Kortun spoke at a panel at the end of the program.

On the Agenda of the Arts:
What game shall we play today?
Cultural diversity and the activities of New Art Centers

Sunday November 16, 2008, Tokyo Wonder Site, Shibuya,

Manuel Gogos (Germany)
Anke Hoffmann (Germany)
Yusaku Imamura (Japan)
Vasif Kortun (Turkey)
Bradley McCallum (U.S.A.)
Joji Yuasa (Japan)

Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
Tokyo Wonder Site & The Goethe Institute, Japan