Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Book Launch SIT Manresa

Thursday, December 25, 18:30
Garanti Galeri
Sitesize (2008): ‘SIT Manresa,
Territorial Interpretation Service’

The SIT Manresa project, the origin of this book's title, is also the connecting thread and starting point of this editorial project. The texts included consist of collaborations and synergies between people working in different fields which perfectly complement cultural and artistic work concerned with territory: geography, landscape, citizen participation, knowledge management, pedagogy, cultural management... Each of them, from their different perspectives, shares the sense of an urgent need for a coordinated and committed work of social and cultural rearmament.

SIT (Territorial Interpretation Service ) is a service which offers itself as a platform for the production and exchange of local territorial knowledge with the objective of evaluating present and future territorial transformation. A collective public hearing on the issue of territory which has to necessarily link up with the planning of territory and social cohesion.

Sitesize is a collaborative projects platform concerning the contemporary metropolis. Since 2002 it has developed specific creation and mediation projects in the Barcelona metropolitan area. Their areas of interest centre on autonomous cultural production practices and the search for new territorial and landscape geographies.

Francesc Muñoz, Joan Nogué, Itziar González, Xavier Oliveras, Montse Romaní, Montserrat Cortadellas, Javier Rodrigo, Iván Orellana, Ramon Parramon and Sitesize.