Thursday, January 08, 2009

Museum as Kraftwerk: From Cedric Price to the Serpentine Pavilion

“Transdisciplines” Lecture Series - 6:
Hans Ulrich Obrist

January 10, Saturday, 14:00
Garaj Istanbul
Tomtom Mahallesi, Yeni Çarşı Caddesi,
Kaymakam Reşat Bey Sokağı, No: 11a Galatasaray
The lecture will be in English with simultaneous Turkish translation.

The “Transdisciplines” lecture series organised by Garanti Gallery and Platform Garanti continues with a presentation by Hans Ulrich Obrist. The lecture "Museum as Kraftwerk" will take place at 14:00 at Garaj Istanbul on Saturday, January 10th.

The lecture will unfold a story of institutions from Alexander Dorner's idea of the museum as "kraftwerk”, via Cedric Price's “Fun Palace”, to end with the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion series conceived by Serpentine Gallery Director, Julia Peyton-Jones, in 2000, which provides a peerless model for commissioning architecture with its 24-Hour Intellectual Marathons hosted and initiated by Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Hans Ulrich Obrist was born in Zurich in May 1968. He joined the Serpentine Gallery as Co-director of Exhibitions and Programmes and Director of International Projects in April 2006. Prior to this post he was Curator of the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris from 2000, as well as curator of the Museum in Progress, Vienna, from 1993-2000. He has curated over 150 exhibitions internationally since 1991, including Take Me, (I’m Yours), Cities on the Move, Live/Life, Nuit Blanche, 1st Berlin Biennale, Manifesta 1, and more recently Uncertain States of America, 1st Moscow Triennale, 2nd Guangzhou Triennale and the Lyon Biennale. In 2007, Hans Ulrich Obrist co-curated Il Tempo del Postino with Philippe Parreno for the Manchester International Festival. In the same year, the Van Alen Institute awarded Obrist the New York Prize Senior Fellowship for 2007-2008.

The lecture by Hans Ulrich Obrist is generously supported by the British Council.