Saturday, February 20, 2010

01. Distributed Work

Prophecy, 2007, Helmut Stallaerts. Photo Copyright: Kristof Vrancken. Installation at Z33 Art Center.

Wednesday March 3, 2010
Garanti Galeri - Platform Garanti
İstiklal Caddesi 115, Beyoğlu İstanbul

'Distributed work' can be examined in three different dimensions. Firstly, it proposes a way to work in composition, in order to create a unique product composed of others' ideas that were formed at different times. Second, it offers a platform to work collaboratively via ad-hoc and long distance relationships to create a unique product together without working at the same institution or in the same place. Third, it allows the unfinished / open condition of the product to transform through the work of participants, users, or viewers.

As communication technologies become more widespread, the condition of work becomes more complex. How do these new work conditions affect work-life balance, time flexibility, creativity, motivation, quality, and mobility?

The speakers are Karen Verschooren, curator from Z33 Art Center Brussels, Emel Kurma, director of Helsinki Citizens' Assembly, and Hasan Yalçınkaya, co-founder of Pilli Network.

Düğümküme Meetings is a new discussion series that aims to confront contemporary art by considering its relationship to rapidly developing technologies in the context of civil society issues.

We will be using a consensus-voting tool during the discussions. Please use the link below to sign up and get more info: